Friday, 7 September 2012

Back for Day 250

Colour - Well predictably, the minute the kids go back to school, the weather picks up dramatically, so my picture is of that flawless blue sky that is blessing us this week.

And a selection of catching up photos that I've taken over the past weeks since I went AWOL - too much work, kids at home and holidays, not to mention being glued to the Olympics.

Day 249 - Something you Wear

My trusty sunhat - yes I know it's turquoise, like the rest of my wardrobe :)

Day 244 - Through a Window

Not taken on the right day but hey!  Taken as we were leaving Spain!

Day 243 - Thriving

The daisies in my garden are as tall as me!!

Day 240 - Free Choice
We were on holiday and this is my Picture of the Day

Day 224 - Gold

We have a gold postbox, thanks to Joanna Rowsell in the cycling!

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  1. What a great bunch of pictures, I am always so wordy I wonder if it is cos my pictures are just snaps!