Thursday, 31 May 2012

Days 145 - 152

Another space for catch up.  Hopefully a long bank holiday might help me get my act together!

Today - Day 152 - the prompt is 'Bargain' and here are my 20% for the Jubilee new white trousers - all ready for my red white and blue patriotic look for Sunday.

Day 151 - Groceries - well the cupboard is full, so here are some of them.

Many of our usual favourites - Marmite, chick peas, curry and home made marmalade - yum!

Day 150 - Messy - no contest - DD's room is a hole.  Oh the shame!! After I took this photo I did make some inroads into the clothes piles - amazingly it was tidy very recently, but descends back into chaos the minute I walk out of the door!  I try to stay out of it, but every so often I can't stand it any longer and dive back in for an epic clean.

Day 149 - tools

I'm not a big tool user - DH has a tool box, but I couldn't be bothered to get it out to photograph.  I do use some scrapbooking tools, but I decided to photograph the tools I use most often - kitchen utensils, in a basket I have had for years and love still.

Day 148 - unfinished - this is the current sock project - love love love this clever wool that makes it look like Fair Isle.  Sadly they are not for me.

Day 147 - Cleanliness

Cool shower gel - aimed at making small son more enthusiastic about showers.  He'll spend hours in the bath but sometimes you just need to wash quickly.

Day 146 - boring - don't think so - today was too exciting!  I've wanted this pendant for ages, and I got my birthday money together and a couple of friends chipped in too, and today we bought it.  I love getting something I've saved up for and had to wait for, then I know I really wanted it.

Day 145 - was my birthday, and the prompt was 'Soft'

DH took me to 'The Breakfast Club' for lunch, and my pancakes were gloriously soft and gooey with maple syrup - delicious.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Days 140 - 144

Day 144 - Artificial

A couple of random gerberas that lived tucked into my filing tray - not sure why, they've been there for years,  but they do brighten the place up!

Day 143 - Restful

What a beautiful day it was!  I went to Broadcasting House with DS1 to hear a Radio play being recorded and when we came out, there was the spire of All Soul's Langham Place soaring against a perfect evening sky.

Day 142 - Ornament

Used in the verb sense! My 'go to' jewellery - none of it valuable, but it goes with most of the things I wear (see below!)

Day 141 - Off piste!

Today my lovely goddaughter was christened so I'm sticking with a photo of my very good friend Ali with her at the after party lunch.  So sweet and she behaved so beautifully!

Day 140 - Interior

The inside of my wardrobe - and the colours more or less mirror my scrapbooking! lol

Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 139 and all that come before (eventually)

Stuff it!  I've got all behind lately and need to have a grand sort out of photos to catch up on this project, so I'm going to post today's picture and worry about the rest later - otherwise I'm never going to get to grips with it - procrastination only  makes it worse!

So today - Flower!

from my garden - these flowers are so weird, sometimes they come up pink, sometimes purple, but as they re-see themselves every year I'm not too bothered.

I'll add the others as I get my act together!