Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Days 110 to 116

Day 116 -Powerful

Today's word is powerful.  Well having considered taking pictures of the hoover or the rain, I finally settled on this - my lovely new purchase from the supermarket!  Powerful?  perhaps not, but it spoke to me!

Day 115 - Tower

The sun obligingly came out as I left the library, ready to take my photo.  This is Trinity Church in Sutton and is landmark in the local area - it looks lovely since it's been cleaned.  Shame about the fake bells though.

Day 114 - cross

Well, I looked in vain for a St. George's flag out today, so had to settle for a mug from one of the World Cups which still lurks in our cupboard.

Day 113 - symbolic

Again, a bit of a convoluted thought process to get to this, but we had such a lovely walk in the woods on Sunday that I have a photo of the bluebells - a real symbol of the British spring.

Day 112 - precious

My rings - wedding and eternity - I rarely take them off.

Day 111 - flag

This is my DS1's bedroom decor - bought at Caernarfon Castle and celebrating his heritage.

Day 110 - small

These are my little plants that I put in my window box this week to add some summer colour.  Think the chilly wet weather has been a bit of a shock for them!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 109 - Entrance

Entrance or entrance?  hard to tell, but there is a bit of both in my photo for yesterday.  It was DH's birthday, and in predictably grumpy mood he declared he didn't want to do anything, or invite anybody!  Eventually he settled on a family roast dinner at home - so that's what he had.

But we made him a cake anyway, and this is my DD bringing it in, singing at full volume as she came!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

97 to 108

An immense catch - up.  I am hoping to finally get on track again soon with my blogging!  Warning - very photo heavy post!

97 - Good Friday - off piste as we went for a lovely walk along the river Wey at Pyrford

98 - girly

new resin flower stash - yummy :)

99 - lots & lots

The funniest thing - sorting out in DD's room we found a treasure trove of teaspoons.  She hates it rattling in her lunch box so she puts it in her bag, then never returns it to the kitchen!  I now have loads again.

100 - gentle

The moon above our street - not very clear, too much camera shake! lol

101 - clutter

never a problem with this one, but ideally we have been clearing out upstairs and these are the crates of stuff to sort and hopefully dispose of! lol

102 - elegant

DD is doing a dance show soon, we have costumes all over the place - she is so excited.

103 - shocking

Not very shocking, but why?  I hate this, but am biting my tongue hard as it's presumably teenage self expression and she could do worse!!

104 - petal

A tulip in our garden - I love the stripy colours on these.

105 - off piste today, as DD won her Dance School jazz cup and I'm being a proud mummy!  She did a great show too.

106 - alive

I've been scanning old slides - this is me - a long time ago!!

107 - tree

The tree in our garden has blossomed and is now covered in leaves.  It does have a sort of inedible cherry fruit but we rarely see them as the birds get them first.  No sign of anything nesting in it this year, but the great tits are enjoying the feeders still.

108 - Bold

I've been brave and ordered a load of seedlings from Riverford to grow in my garden this year - bold indeed!

An even bigger catch-up!

Day 96 - What is that?  (Thursday 5th April)

It's an arch transformed from carpet rolls forming part of the 'Journey to the Cross' we are doing at church for Holy Week.

Day 95 -

The sound of the dentist always puts fear into me, but this time we escaped unscathed

Day 94 - Teeny - tiny

Little Easter Eggs on my seasons tree.

Day 93 - childhood

My kids are riveted by this at the moment!

Day 92 -costume

DD is doing a dance show soon, so we have costumes hanging around the place - this is for a Charleston tap number.

Day 91  DD's birthday - with a bit of the humour prompt from yesterday.

Day 90 - nothing funny today - so another picture from my lovely Wisley trip yesterday

Day 89  - off piste today as I had a glorious trip to Wisley for a friend's birthday - so many beautiful things to admire in nature.

Day 88 - 9 am

tidying up my knitting.

Days 83 - 87

Day 84 - Bedtime

My new dotty pyjama bottoms, kindly given to me by the children last Sunday for Mothering Sunday - love them!

Day 85 - 9pm

Washing up!

Day 86 - Morning Routine

Face, teeth, mascara - these are the basics of my morning - there might be more, but this always happens.

Day 87 - off piste today as I went up to town for a meeting and to meet DH for lunch - this is the view from the fire escape where he eats his sandwiches while topping up his tan!