Saturday, 8 September 2012

Day 251 - Hands

We had a new unit built while we were away on holiday, and came back to find it - complete and gorgeous, but completely unpainted!

So the next job was several coats of primer and undercoat and now the glorious privilege of gloss painting!  Well of course I get it everywhere!

Definitely a prompt I could relate to!

Friday, 7 September 2012

A summer catch up

Well, I've been completely hopeless at keeping up with the prompts, and then I was away without internet for three weeks of the holidays so here are a selection of photos from my ipod covering our summer activities, in the spirit of 365 if not the letter!

 Gokarting for DS2s birthday

Some general daftness!

Gorgeous sunflowers from a friend!

Camping at New Wine - Shepton Mallet

Holly & Simon's Wedding in Devon

Canoe Sprint Olympic Finals at Eton Dorney

Sunset at Esteiro, Galicia, Spain

Xilloi on one of those blue blue days.

The river behind Esteiro Beach,

Beer ad table at La Bodeguita del Puerto, O Vicedo.

Vibreido Beach one evenin.

Messing about on the dock!


Paralympic Athletics.

A wonderful wedding in the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone.

I have realised that by only taking photos when it's sunny I have made the summer look rather good - we all know the truth - call it journalistic licence!!

Back for Day 250

Colour - Well predictably, the minute the kids go back to school, the weather picks up dramatically, so my picture is of that flawless blue sky that is blessing us this week.

And a selection of catching up photos that I've taken over the past weeks since I went AWOL - too much work, kids at home and holidays, not to mention being glued to the Olympics.

Day 249 - Something you Wear

My trusty sunhat - yes I know it's turquoise, like the rest of my wardrobe :)

Day 244 - Through a Window

Not taken on the right day but hey!  Taken as we were leaving Spain!

Day 243 - Thriving

The daisies in my garden are as tall as me!!

Day 240 - Free Choice
We were on holiday and this is my Picture of the Day

Day 224 - Gold

We have a gold postbox, thanks to Joanna Rowsell in the cycling!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympic Fever - early August

Having failed miserably to keep up with this blog, I am now going to share the fruit of my photos for the last week or so, dominated of course by the London Olympics.

Yes, that is a real torch - a friend carried it and was generous enough to let the kids run around with it while we were camping.

Pictures from the TV - watched a lot these past few days!

 My favourite Olympic Sport - sailing!

 The live site at Potters Field where we watched Britain take two golds and a silver in cycling.

 All my family except me have been to the Olympic Park to see some sport :(  I'm going to the Paralympics but until then will have to settle for the canoeing sprint finals at Eton Dorney tomorrow :)

Had a great walk along the Southbank looking for Wenlocks and Mandevilles - and doesn't Tower Bridge look great.  I think that should be permanent!

Can't believe it will all be over this weekend, I've loved it so much.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Same but Different

As we've been enjoying some rare summer days recently, my same but different features some of the lovely flowers I've enjoyed when out and about, and in my garden, where the poppies are waist high!

and a little bit of funghi which took my fancy!

and finally my belatedly blooming jubilee window box - well, I tried lol!

Catching up - yet again!

MIA - one day maybe!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Days 145 - 152

Another space for catch up.  Hopefully a long bank holiday might help me get my act together!

Today - Day 152 - the prompt is 'Bargain' and here are my 20% for the Jubilee new white trousers - all ready for my red white and blue patriotic look for Sunday.

Day 151 - Groceries - well the cupboard is full, so here are some of them.

Many of our usual favourites - Marmite, chick peas, curry and home made marmalade - yum!

Day 150 - Messy - no contest - DD's room is a hole.  Oh the shame!! After I took this photo I did make some inroads into the clothes piles - amazingly it was tidy very recently, but descends back into chaos the minute I walk out of the door!  I try to stay out of it, but every so often I can't stand it any longer and dive back in for an epic clean.

Day 149 - tools

I'm not a big tool user - DH has a tool box, but I couldn't be bothered to get it out to photograph.  I do use some scrapbooking tools, but I decided to photograph the tools I use most often - kitchen utensils, in a basket I have had for years and love still.

Day 148 - unfinished - this is the current sock project - love love love this clever wool that makes it look like Fair Isle.  Sadly they are not for me.

Day 147 - Cleanliness

Cool shower gel - aimed at making small son more enthusiastic about showers.  He'll spend hours in the bath but sometimes you just need to wash quickly.

Day 146 - boring - don't think so - today was too exciting!  I've wanted this pendant for ages, and I got my birthday money together and a couple of friends chipped in too, and today we bought it.  I love getting something I've saved up for and had to wait for, then I know I really wanted it.

Day 145 - was my birthday, and the prompt was 'Soft'

DH took me to 'The Breakfast Club' for lunch, and my pancakes were gloriously soft and gooey with maple syrup - delicious.