Thursday, 31 May 2012

Days 145 - 152

Another space for catch up.  Hopefully a long bank holiday might help me get my act together!

Today - Day 152 - the prompt is 'Bargain' and here are my 20% for the Jubilee new white trousers - all ready for my red white and blue patriotic look for Sunday.

Day 151 - Groceries - well the cupboard is full, so here are some of them.

Many of our usual favourites - Marmite, chick peas, curry and home made marmalade - yum!

Day 150 - Messy - no contest - DD's room is a hole.  Oh the shame!! After I took this photo I did make some inroads into the clothes piles - amazingly it was tidy very recently, but descends back into chaos the minute I walk out of the door!  I try to stay out of it, but every so often I can't stand it any longer and dive back in for an epic clean.

Day 149 - tools

I'm not a big tool user - DH has a tool box, but I couldn't be bothered to get it out to photograph.  I do use some scrapbooking tools, but I decided to photograph the tools I use most often - kitchen utensils, in a basket I have had for years and love still.

Day 148 - unfinished - this is the current sock project - love love love this clever wool that makes it look like Fair Isle.  Sadly they are not for me.

Day 147 - Cleanliness

Cool shower gel - aimed at making small son more enthusiastic about showers.  He'll spend hours in the bath but sometimes you just need to wash quickly.

Day 146 - boring - don't think so - today was too exciting!  I've wanted this pendant for ages, and I got my birthday money together and a couple of friends chipped in too, and today we bought it.  I love getting something I've saved up for and had to wait for, then I know I really wanted it.

Day 145 - was my birthday, and the prompt was 'Soft'

DH took me to 'The Breakfast Club' for lunch, and my pancakes were gloriously soft and gooey with maple syrup - delicious.


  1. Lovely photos- your necklace is beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful birthday..

  2. great photos, well done on the catch up. I love the necklace, no wonder you had a good birthday. Shame the socks arent for you, you will just have to make another pair for you when you have finished this pair. :)

  3. Great photos. My daughters bedroom looked exactly the same when she lived at home.

  4. Lovely Photos.My DD's room is the same ( mine was at her age too )