Friday, 30 March 2012

7 days at a time - late!

Starting with Day 77 - Music

My DS1 is mad keen on his guitar and you can often hear him strumming away, practising new tunes.

Day 78 - Hobby

Still on the knitting, this time it's a commission for a friend's birthday - purple socks!

Day 79 - Playtime

Haven't done much of this lately, but these are some of our favourite family games - Monopoly Deal, Pass the
Pigs, Yahtzee and Uno!

Day 80 - quiet

I love my digital radio - life seems very quiet when it's not on in the background.

Day 81 - an everyday sight

What could be more everyday than a cup of tea?

Day 82 - Clock

I'm not a big clock person, I rarely wear my watch and rely on the clock on my cooker or my phone if I need the time. But we saw this in a shop in Mold (DH and I) and both of us liked it, so we bought it for our kitchen.  Funnily enough, although it doesn't have a second hand, it still ticks which is very irritating, but I've only just noticed as I usually have the radio on!

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