Monday, 12 March 2012

Days 67 - 72

Day 67 - Floor.

Hooray!  Our new hoover means that I can get all the bits up from the rug!

Day 68 - bathtime

I love our bath - it's old and a bit chipped but it's so deep and comfortable I can't actually bear to change it. I love my stripy bath mat too.

Day 69 - Fuzzy

Well it's a bit of a stretch, but these are the new socks I've just finished and put on!  I love them :)

Day 70 - off piste for me!

I had a date night with DH, we went out to Pizza Express and then to see The Artist.  This is a photo of Grants in Croydon, I liked all the escalators and lights!

Day 71 - Hidden

This is a bowl of irises I was given for Christmas which has been hidden in the darkness to grow and has just come out!  I hope I get some blooms from them eventually.

Day 72 - Garden

We have a new rotary washing line.  Hooray for getting the airer out of the bathroom and the washing out in the garden again.


  1. i love your socks...cant wait to finish mine, so i can start another pair!

  2. I love your bath mat too!

  3. Fabulous escalators picture !

  4. I like your socks too; and I have just taken a garden picture that looks very similar to yours. trampoline and all

  5. Gardens are great for trampolines. My socks are Chunky and I'm not doing very well with them at the moment.