Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Days 60-66

I've been ill - again!  So my photos are less than inspiring given that I've barely been out of the house!

Day 60 - Extraordinary

DD had her hair cut - she now has a fringe.  She is extraordinary in lots of ways (most of them good), but the extraordinary for this purpose is the sheer number of looks she can create with her hair.  This is the current favourite.

Day 61 - Grass - but not here!

March 1st is St David's Day and we celebrate that in our house.  So we have daffodils, which my lovely DH always brings me on this day.  We also have leek and cheese tart for dinner, although this year I was too ill to eat it -shame!

Day 62 - Comfort

Just the thing I needed today as I was feeling very sorry for myself.  These are the blankets I wrapped myself in and lay on the sofa!

Day 63 - Flat

I still didn't feel well enough to do much on Saturday so I started a marathon sort of my layouts, trying to put them into some sort of date order rather than randomly in albums.  These are some of the pile.  Layers and layers!  Flat!

Day 64 - Chairs

... in our dining room.

Day 65 - Arranged

Fresh for a new month, my seasons tree has been adorned with Prima flowers to celebrate blossom and spring.

Day 66 - Cooking

I'm finally feeling a bit better today and did cook something for tea - lasagne.  Not special in most people's minds, but this was special as it was the first one DH has ever eaten.  He doesn't eat pasta, but recently I bought some organic pre-cook pasta and it's a bit lighter and less chewy than usual pasta (not that I care) but bless him, he tried it when I did it before and said it was ok, so I made one as a family tea (usually we only have it if he's out!)  He ate it and said he would have it again.  A bit much for him to love it, but at least he didn't hate it!!  LOL

I forgot to take the picture before we'd eaten it!


  1. Great photos- lasagne is one of my favourites.

  2. That's a great collection - even if you haven't been well (and I can sympathise with that!) you have still told a little story with each one. Brilliant!