Tuesday, 17 April 2012

97 to 108

An immense catch - up.  I am hoping to finally get on track again soon with my blogging!  Warning - very photo heavy post!

97 - Good Friday - off piste as we went for a lovely walk along the river Wey at Pyrford

98 - girly

new resin flower stash - yummy :)

99 - lots & lots

The funniest thing - sorting out in DD's room we found a treasure trove of teaspoons.  She hates it rattling in her lunch box so she puts it in her bag, then never returns it to the kitchen!  I now have loads again.

100 - gentle

The moon above our street - not very clear, too much camera shake! lol

101 - clutter

never a problem with this one, but ideally we have been clearing out upstairs and these are the crates of stuff to sort and hopefully dispose of! lol

102 - elegant

DD is doing a dance show soon, we have costumes all over the place - she is so excited.

103 - shocking

Not very shocking, but why?  I hate this, but am biting my tongue hard as it's presumably teenage self expression and she could do worse!!

104 - petal

A tulip in our garden - I love the stripy colours on these.

105 - off piste today, as DD won her Dance School jazz cup and I'm being a proud mummy!  She did a great show too.

106 - alive

I've been scanning old slides - this is me - a long time ago!!

107 - tree

The tree in our garden has blossomed and is now covered in leaves.  It does have a sort of inedible cherry fruit but we rarely see them as the birds get them first.  No sign of anything nesting in it this year, but the great tits are enjoying the feeders still.

108 - Bold

I've been brave and ordered a load of seedlings from Riverford to grow in my garden this year - bold indeed!


  1. I love you photos. You will enjoy growing your plants.

  2. Well done for catching up. I love the elegant photo.

  3. Well done on catch up Alli and love the many photo story LOL!!
    We all seem to have been decluttering this spring!!!

    Can you get rid of your verification characters?