Tuesday, 17 April 2012

An even bigger catch-up!

Day 96 - What is that?  (Thursday 5th April)

It's an arch transformed from carpet rolls forming part of the 'Journey to the Cross' we are doing at church for Holy Week.

Day 95 -

The sound of the dentist always puts fear into me, but this time we escaped unscathed

Day 94 - Teeny - tiny

Little Easter Eggs on my seasons tree.

Day 93 - childhood

My kids are riveted by this at the moment!

Day 92 -costume

DD is doing a dance show soon, so we have costumes hanging around the place - this is for a Charleston tap number.

Day 91  DD's birthday - with a bit of the humour prompt from yesterday.

Day 90 - nothing funny today - so another picture from my lovely Wisley trip yesterday

Day 89  - off piste today as I had a glorious trip to Wisley for a friend's birthday - so many beautiful things to admire in nature.

Day 88 - 9 am

tidying up my knitting.

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