Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Days 110 to 116

Day 116 -Powerful

Today's word is powerful.  Well having considered taking pictures of the hoover or the rain, I finally settled on this - my lovely new purchase from the supermarket!  Powerful?  perhaps not, but it spoke to me!

Day 115 - Tower

The sun obligingly came out as I left the library, ready to take my photo.  This is Trinity Church in Sutton and is landmark in the local area - it looks lovely since it's been cleaned.  Shame about the fake bells though.

Day 114 - cross

Well, I looked in vain for a St. George's flag out today, so had to settle for a mug from one of the World Cups which still lurks in our cupboard.

Day 113 - symbolic

Again, a bit of a convoluted thought process to get to this, but we had such a lovely walk in the woods on Sunday that I have a photo of the bluebells - a real symbol of the British spring.

Day 112 - precious

My rings - wedding and eternity - I rarely take them off.

Day 111 - flag

This is my DS1's bedroom decor - bought at Caernarfon Castle and celebrating his heritage.

Day 110 - small

These are my little plants that I put in my window box this week to add some summer colour.  Think the chilly wet weather has been a bit of a shock for them!


  1. What beautiful photos. I have to have a mug like that- which supermarket was it??? Have to go without dh- as he doesn't understand my mug fetish!!!

  2. Lovely photos, Ali, especially the Tower one. Very powerful.
    I collect mugs too. Each country we visit, I buy a mug and a magnet for my fridge. We reached a point where the magnets need to take turns to be on the fridge as there are too many now. That doesn't make me feel younger, lol.