Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Days 140 - 144

Day 144 - Artificial

A couple of random gerberas that lived tucked into my filing tray - not sure why, they've been there for years,  but they do brighten the place up!

Day 143 - Restful

What a beautiful day it was!  I went to Broadcasting House with DS1 to hear a Radio play being recorded and when we came out, there was the spire of All Soul's Langham Place soaring against a perfect evening sky.

Day 142 - Ornament

Used in the verb sense! My 'go to' jewellery - none of it valuable, but it goes with most of the things I wear (see below!)

Day 141 - Off piste!

Today my lovely goddaughter was christened so I'm sticking with a photo of my very good friend Ali with her at the after party lunch.  So sweet and she behaved so beautifully!

Day 140 - Interior

The inside of my wardrobe - and the colours more or less mirror my scrapbooking! lol


  1. Beautiful sea-green shades in there - favourites of mine too! The radio play recording does indeed sound very peaceful and restful

  2. Beautiful photos- looks like a gorgeous collection of jewellery.

  3. Lovely photos. How lovely to go and watch a radio being played.

  4. What a nice thing to do :) The radio recording I mean. Great photos.

  5. Your goddaughter looks so sweet !