Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 139 and all that come before (eventually)

Stuff it!  I've got all behind lately and need to have a grand sort out of photos to catch up on this project, so I'm going to post today's picture and worry about the rest later - otherwise I'm never going to get to grips with it - procrastination only  makes it worse!

So today - Flower!

from my garden - these flowers are so weird, sometimes they come up pink, sometimes purple, but as they re-see themselves every year I'm not too bothered.

I'll add the others as I get my act together!


  1. our garden is being taken over with these reseeding, but they are pretty arent they, lovely pic and good luck with catching up.

  2. They look so pretty- great that they reseed themselves.

  3. They are gorgeous flowers, aren't they ?

  4. Yes, go for it.. I missed the first two or three weeks and caught up a few the first few days, but now I don't even think about those missing days..although it was fun combining my 'Guilty Pleasure / In My Fridge' where I had a pic of my grand dauhter.. in the fridge.

  5. Well done for jumping back in. It's hard when I get behind too. x