Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 59 - Grey

It was suitably grey as I headed up to town for a little meander round the National Portrait Gallery for my Try Something New Every Week challenge.  I also had a Groupon voucher for tapas in the East End and a lunch date with DH to look forward to.

London looked very grey, although by the time lunch was over it had brightened up a lot and the sun was shining.  Fortunately I'd taken my photo by then!

As a follow up, the Gherkin is pretty grey as well!


  1. I love London!!! We're trying a Tapas bar through Groupon in March- as part of our 'eating in a different style restaurant' challenge. Might adopt your try something new every week one next year!

  2. London can indeed be very grey! Fab photos Ali. Hope you enjoyed your tapas! YUM:)