Thursday, 16 February 2012

Another catch up

Oh dear, I'm just not getting to blog as often as I wish, and I even had to catch up a couple of photos this week too - must do better.  I've enjoyed the prompts, although I have gone slightly off piste on a couple of days.

Starting off - Day 42 - Portrait of a Loved One

This is my DH, we even got to go out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night so definitely a good night.  This is him scrubbed up for our night out, with my new wall decoration for seasonal interest!

Day 43 - from my past

I've been scanning old photos and documents which were lent to me by my uncle as he wants them back.  This is an identity card that my grandmother had when she lived in France for a year.  I also have my identity card from when I lived in France, which I am going to add to a scrapbook page about our similarities.

Day 44 - Friendship

As it's half term we were pleased to have a visit from my sister and her family 'from the north'.  The kids all get on really well, but as I haven't asked her permission I've blanked out the kids for the blog.  We had a great time with them.

Day 45 - Candle - sorry! didn't quite get there.  With a house full we did celebrate Valentine's Day, but not in the traditional romantic way.  We managed the pink bubbly but not any candles, so here is a photo of my February 'season's tree' which is decorated each season with different seasonal items.

Day 46 - Bloom!

No flowers here, and not feeling that great so no blooming here either!  DS1 and I retired to bed last night to watch a film - I am ashamed to admit that I didn't know anything about the story of Made in Dagenham, but it was fascinating and well made, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also made good progress on the new socks, so a good evening in the end!

Day 47 - What's in my handbag?

A good excuse to root through my bag, clear it out and not put so much back!  I'm not a big handbag person, and I prefer pockets, but I only have two and so they tend to accumulate stuff!  I found quite a lot a ephemera in there which is destined for my scrapbooking.  Also in it a purse, mirror, eyebrow pencil  (why?) and a lipstick I've been searching for for ages.  My court pass, fold up bag, ipod, headache tablets, odd receipts and tickets, sunglasses and milk pots as I hate creamer.  For my DS1, there is also a starbucks music download card which I faithfully collect on his behalf.  My phone could be in there, but is currently in my pocket!


  1. Milk pots! Wow ! I would be so scared they burst.

  2. That reminds me that I always used to carry around some skimmed milk pots - surprising how sturdy they are! Enjoyed the catch up x

  3. Fab catch up Ali :D I love your 'seasons' tree!!

  4. I love your seasons tree aswell- what a great idea. Great to see your photos.

  5. Great seasons tree :)

    Glad they are sturdy, milk is yuck when it spills, I know my car didn't smell right for months!!!