Monday, 6 February 2012

February 2

Day 34 - Interact

We had people for dinner on Friday, but sadly I didn't feel I knew them well enough to take photos to 'prove' my interaction and I was too busy to set up a fake interaction between the little darlings, so I had to settle for my online interaction - FB!   I'm not a prolific user but I do keep in touch with my cousin in America and a few other far flung friends, as well as discovering the minutiae of other friends' lives, and some nice crafty updates.

Day 35 - Liquid

Our dishwasher is kaput!  DS1 managed to break the timer light which has in turn jammed the switches.  I now have a marathon file search to find the receipt (from many years ago) to go with the insurance policy we have before I can get it repaired - grrrr.  In the meantime, my rarely used washing up liquid has come to the fore!

Day 36 - Rubbish!

This is the snow that kept us from going to visit my cousin and her family for Sunday lunch  - I was really looking forward to it so the fact that we couldn't sucks - in fact, it's rubbish!

Day 37 - Packaging

Definitely one of my bugbears, I am an eco warrior when it comes to unnecessary packaging, and yet we still seem to have so much.  This is the overflow from the recycle bin -the bin men are coming tomorrow - thank goodness.

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