Monday, 20 February 2012

Days 48 - 51

I've just about managed to keep up!

Abstract on Saturday (Day 48)

I have to confess I looked at the prompt, meaning to find something clever and cool to photograph, but then forgot all about it in the excitement of our monthly North Cheam crop.  So I photographed my knitting instead - not exactly abstract, but it's what I'm doing right now, and enjoying a lot.

Day 49 - Domestic

Yay, the dishwasher is fixed, but there still seem to be mountains of pots to do, and now it is fixed, the kids don't feel under any compulsion to help any more - so the job falls back to me.  Getting it fixed is seeming less attractive than it did previously! lol

Day 50 - fashion

Not something I know much about, let alone follow, so all I'm left with is my own personal winter fashion, long top, big cardigan, big coat, trousers and boots - this is my new, fresh from India top, courtesy of a lovely friend who's just returned.  BTW it's hard to take a good photo of yourself looking down - I found out the hard way!!

Day 51 - Fragile

I'm not feeling fragile, despite the fact that it's Monday, but my DD is.  However, it's unfair to take photos of a sick teenager, even to satisfy my photo challenge! So I've reverted to another of my favourite things, (if I persevere, I will have enough of them to scrapbook, as is my intention one day).  This is a Worcester plate which my grandmother left me.  I think it is really pretty.

So that's me, up to date again - oh the satisfaction :)


  1. yes it is very pretty

  2. What a lovely plate. I think the colourful ball of yarn matches "abstract" very well.

  3. Very pretty plate :) Fab catchup Ali :D

  4. Well, I feel good already, knowing I'm not the only one playing catch-up today. Having played hookey myself this weekend, I'd say a Crop is a very good excuse for being behind!

  5. Great pictures! I like the look of that wool - it's really nicely coloured

  6. Glad you've been able to catch up I love all your photos and their meanings.