Friday, 3 February 2012

One month gone - 31 photos taken

Well, the month has passed, slowly it seems. but it's been fun taking photos which show a snapshot of life from a different point of view - random prompts, and some of them have seemed pretty random, but in fact I rather like it because I have taken photos that I would not otherwise have thought of taking.  However, I'm further behind on the blog than ever!  Here are the last days of January.  February will follow in another post later :)

Day 25 - motionless.

My two youngest children in slug mode on the sofa - electronic and screens to the fore, they can sit for hours and not move more than a finger or two!

Day 26 - free choice

I've finished my first pair of socks - time to celebrate, especially as they are lovely and warm and it's cold outside.  I'm hooked, and just need to get to the wool shop to get more wool.  DD has joined the queue!

Day 27 - amazing

I took a photo of the lovely blue sky today.  I am a real SAD person so any sun and blue sky is very welcome especially in this rather dull January.  I went out for lunch at our local garden centre with a friend and came out to this beautiful sky.

Day 28 - fluffy

Well, I discovered I don't really have anything fluffy, so the nearest thing is my scarf which is ultra soft and has just been dragged out of storage as the cold weather is really here.  I've not missed the cold, but it's coming now with a vengeance.  I do love this scarf though, so silver lining!!

Day 29 - kitchen utensil

I have lots of these, but I chose to take a picture of our latest favourite gadget - a milk frother to make bubbles on the exceptionally nice coffee we were given for Christmas - courtesy of IKEA - Santa put it in DH's Christmas stocking :)

Day 30 - collection

These days my main collecting vice is stash, but that applies to most of us, so I delved back into the past, to my collection of Disney rubbers that I had when I was a child.  They are grubby and ancient by now, but I've been meaning to scrap them for ages, so a good excuse to take some photos.  This is one.

Day 31 - wheels

Not too many wheels in my life, except the four I drive in, but I trip over several each time I go out of the back door, I'm sure they hate me!! so these are the featured items for today.

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