Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#21 - #24

I think I am doomed to always catching up with my photos  - but at least I've taken them!

#21 is fire - and our candlelit dinner date night on Saturday provides the flames!  We so rarely spend quality time together, it was a real treat to sit down with a nice dinner and a glass of wine and talk.

#22 is glowing - and this is a trifle contrived!   I made a new batch of marmalade on Sunday afternoon and was hoping that I could make it 'glow' in the photo, but really the only glow is the smug satisfaction at having made it at all!

#23 is 'hot' and this is our dinner to celebrate the Year of the Dragon - you can't quite see the steam rising from it!

Finally #24 - 'Motion'.  I have to say I was not happy to see what Suzie had posted this morning - it all felt too difficult for a Monday!  But I sneaked out of DD's parent's evening to take this photo - traffic in the rain - one of my least favourite things, driving to Croydon at rush hour in the rain - just to listen to teachers waffling on for ages and waiting in a boiling hot school in between appointments!  Joy!

However, I am deeply pleased with myself for remembering how to use shutter speed and the correct ISO on my manual settings to take this picture!


  1. Love the motion picture. Well done for taking manually.

  2. Great photos Ali ... your motion shot is superb :D

  3. Love your motion picture :-)