Monday, 16 January 2012

Inside my Fridge, Guilty Pleasures, Generous Snacks

It's a good thing you can't catch the plague from a blog as our house is ill-ridden right now!  First DS1 got a strep th roat, then DS2 and now me!!!  DH had a migraine yesterday so we were all feeling sorry for ourselves apart from DD who thankfully is bouncing through life right now - she has so much on that she doesn't have time to be ill!

Inside my Fridge

So! inside my fridge is pitiful and makes me realise how much I need to give it a post Christmas scrub! Still, in the spirit of 365+1 I shall show my shame!! and vow to do better!

On to Guilty Pleasures - #14 - try this beauty for size!

Saturday was my crop day, and my friend Jo was celebrating a big birthday.  Sandra, of Gottacraft fame, offered to make a cake and though I am not often a chocolate cake fan, anything this dark and gooey had to be savoured and it was!  Yummy all the way through.

On to Sunday, Day 15 -  when the plague struck in earnest!  I had suspected it was coming for a couple of days and my GP was generous enough to prescribe me some antibiotics based on my suspicions, the kids' illness and my ability to catch throat infections!  Bless him.  Generous of my dear sons, mainly the big one, for sharing his deeply unpleasant strep throat infection with me, leaving me feeling absolutely rotten.  So this is 'generous' with big sarcastic inverted commas around it!

Which brings me to today, not much better and with DS2 still at home ill.  But snacks are cheerful things and this one is my current favourite brand of snack.

As a regular snacker, this will change soon, but as of today.....

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  1. Migraines are horrible :( Mind you, sore throats are too..hope everyone feels a lot better soon