Friday, 20 January 2012

Days 17-20

Naughty, pleasurable, bad for you, sign...

Well the plague has continued and I have had a very indoors week (apart from today when I went out for lunch with some of my crop friends and cheered myself up enormously.

Naughty #17...

...was the last of the Christmas Hotel du Chocolat chocolates.  Did I eat it?  What do you think!

Pleasurable #18

was the film which dropped through the letterbox today from Love Film.  I have never seen Casablanca and I have a Saturday afternoon girlie date with my DD to watch it.

Bad for you #19

Well! what to choose?  Regrettably I had rather a lot of choices for this prompt, but I chose Angry Birds...

... this is a generic picture in that I have embarrassingly intense crazes on all sorts of stupid computer games and this is just the latest - I blame DH for this one!  I can waste far too much time on these pointless games but gain so much satisfaction when I actually achieve something on them - feel sorry for me!

Sign #20...

Again, what to choose?  Road Signs, something witty, signs of the times - well I did start with this, but finally settled on a Sign of Spring photo - the one and only snowdrop in my garden - I planted lots more, but this brave little soul has come up and warmed my heart. I am no gardener but I get ridiculous satisfaction from growing things.

So that's me, up to date - sighs contentedly :)


  1. Hope your little snowdrop survives ... I fear winter has more in store for us! Lovely catchup Ali :D x

  2. I've never had any luck with snowdrops. They are my daughters birth month flower- and my dh's grandma brought some into the hospital when they were born- so I always love to see them! It's their birthday at the end of the month!

  3. My snowdrops haven't appeared yet although the daffs are started to pop through the soil.

  4. Very pretty. I am exactly the same with computer games!

  5. Lovely shots, especially of the lovely little lonesome snowdrop :)