Monday, 2 January 2012

A gentle start...

Happy New Year, and I hope this is one resolution I will stick to.

I know I'm a day late posting, but I did take a photo yesterday - celebrate - to me starts with my family, so the photo is of all of us...  on a lazy wet cold January 1st 2012, enjoying the warmth indoors.

For the second day - new - I took a photo of the cabinet I just bought for our dining room as part of the great clear out and changes that we are making at the moment.  Hopefully this will help a lot, and look very nice into the bargain.

I'm hoping that looking back on this next year will provide loads of little reminders of what we were doing in our everyday lives.


  1. Love your Celebrate photo :) And a lovely new cabinet too. Good luck with the clearout! Thank you for joining in :)

  2. Great idea on the family shot :)