Thursday, 12 January 2012

The last 3 days

I thought I'd better catch up with the blogging of my photos - so as not to get too behind.  I've very much enjoyed looking at all the photos that show a glimpse of life in different corners of the world.

Day 10 - Metallic

This is a picture of my keys.  I get lots of grief from my friends about these as they are very bulky and have lots of keys on them!  There are reasons - the first of which is that if I didn't take my car keys and my house keys together I would permanently lock myself out.  Secondly, if I do happen to drop them, I know about it from the noise - I have lost keys before and was sufficiently traumatised to never want to do it again.    I did have a little purge last summer - honest! - which removed the keys which no longer had any use - obvious?  yes but it takes time!

Day 11 - an item of clothing

This is my winter coat.  I am irrationally excited about this.  When my DS2 was born in 2000 my coat wore out.  Since then I have not had a winter coat.  Before you feel very sorry for me, I did have a coat, but it was much more of a storm jackety kind of thing - rain proof and perfectly nice, but not in the least smart.  Each year I decided to get a coat, then put it off til the sales, then decided that the winter was over and I could wait and save my money!  So a decade rolled on and eventually my favourite storm jacket died - oh horror!  So I enrolled the help of a friend and went shopping!  I found this one, and at half price I couldn't say no.  The addition of the brooch has smartened me up no end, and the brooch attracts comments wherever I go.

Day 12 - Translucent

I had already decided to start taking some photos of my favourite things around the house, and today's prompt made me actually do it.  This candle holder was given to me by a friend who always has lovely things and gives lovely presents so I was more than happy to receive this.  The glass is etched and gives a lovely warm glow when you light the candle within.


  1. Great photos Ali, I love seeing everyone's take on the prompts

  2. Lovely photos- this challenge is a great way of capturing your own everyday life. I bet the candle holder looks beautiful in the evening when it's all lit!

    I too- had a new winter coat this year. I have 'dog walking' coats, but nothing I'd want to be spotted wearing! Your brooch does look gorgeous on yours!

    Your comments about the keys made me smile. I tried pruning the keys on my keyring. I decided I didn't need to carry the window keys around with me- but have no idea where I then hid the window keys when we went on holiday and no one seems to have a spare- so may need to get all those locks changed!!!!!!! All for the sake of removing a tiny key!

  3. Great photos Ali! I'm so happy that this challenge is achieving its aim ... to photograph they every day! *happy dance*

  4. Great the candle holder. S xx