Thursday, 5 January 2012

Late already!

Yesterday's prompt was 'Pretty' and here it wasn't a very pretty day - loads of jobs to do, foul weather, sick children - nothing fitted, apart with the little cyclamen in the window box which looks like it's flowering again.  Finally I decided to make a canvas for my god-daughter's birthday on Saturday and this definitely counts as pretty!

As I only finished it late last night, the photo had to be today - cheating?  well, maybe, but I'm not worried.

I am however, worried about what on earth I can find today that is exciting - more foul weather, nothing booked to look forward to, back to back meetings - I'm really going to have to think......

watch this space, and it may (or not) get updated... :)

ETA - obviously with my busy head on yesterday, I forgot something really exciting which took place last night.  DS1's first Set Design exhibition.  He's been battling illness all week to get it done and last night we got to see the fruits of his (and his year group's) labours.  It was great, and here is the photo.


  1. lol Ali, I never said it would be easy?! That canvas is gorgeous - I'm sure your god-daughter will love it! Lucky girl :)